Welcome to the Augustana Orchestra’s ‘unofficial’ page that contains lots of useful resources that our students and community members can access easily.

While COVID-19 is definitely challenging us to think/plan differently, it’s a great exercise in problem solving, and I think we’ve come up with solutions that are safe and innovative. Read about our 2020-21 planning here.

Spring 2021 Audition Information can be accessed by clicking here



Detailed Rehearsal Plan

Augustana Orchestra – Spring 2021 Roster

Seating Chart

Music Access:

  • PDFs for all of the Beethoven Symphonies can be found here. Use a tablet or print your part prior to each rehearsal. (except for Beethoven’s 9th symphony, we’ll mainly focus on the first movements only)

Tempo Adjuster (for practice)

Beethoven 9 Click Track w/MIDI

Guide to Beethoven Symphonies:

Dr. Folliard’s FAVORITE Beethoven Symphony set:

Additional COVID-19 Resources: