Concerto for Viola – American Premiere

French composer Nicolas Bacri (b. 1961) is no stranger to Eastman, nor Eastman’s world-renown viola studio. In 2012, Eastman hosted the International Viola Congress and performed Bacri’s music. Bacri was in attendance, and was so impressed with what he heard that he approached The Eastman Viola Ensemble and asked if they would be interested inContinue reading “Concerto for Viola – American Premiere”

Maestro Studios Completes “First in Flight”

  “First in Flight” is Maestro Studios and Records’ first commercial album to be produced, edited, mixed and mastered by Peter J. Folliard. Under the direction of Brian Meixner, the North Carolina Brass Band is a British-style brass band and is composed of the finest brass players and percussionists in the state of North Carolina. Their debutContinue reading “Maestro Studios Completes “First in Flight””

Some Thoughts on Recording Sessions

I had a great time putting this together – it’s good to be combining the role of performer, producer and engineer! I thought I’d share some ideas on recording that crossed my mind while preparing and putting this little example together: First thing first, preparation!!  I wasted my own recording time with some poor executionContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Recording Sessions”

Euphonium and the Modern Orchestra

I remember attending a lecture recital during my time at North Texas given by Jeff Cottrell where, among other topics, he discussed symphonic literature and recommended the use of the euphonium in place of older instruments like the ophicleide, serpent and cimbasso. I remember thinking, “Duh?!  Why wouldn’t a conductor choose to substitute these outdated instrumentsContinue reading “Euphonium and the Modern Orchestra”

Cool Look Into Private Studios and Their Acoustic Designs/Solutions

So I’m in week 3 of my first round of courses with the Berklee College of Music and I’m learning some GREAT stuff that I wish was covered in a ‘classical’ music curriculum.  Well…maybe some of it was (North Texas’ required acoustics class )  but I’m much more engaged and eager to learn about thisContinue reading “Cool Look Into Private Studios and Their Acoustic Designs/Solutions”