Name that tune! Season 1, Episode 5 “Tough Tuesday”

Musicians, don’t get distracted by the brass fanfare…the answer is in the melody.  My music appreciators out there while you may not know this melody I encourage you to listen to each one of the multiple choice options below sometime this week.  Your life will be richer for it! Want to know the answer?  Click here

Name that tune! Season 1, Episode 4 “Easy Monday”

This week, some days will be harder than others, but everyone (musicians and music appreciators) should get a chance to play!  For our non-musicians friends, today’s “Name That Tune” is one of the most recognizable selections in the entire repertoire of symphonic music.  For my serious musicians friends, stay tuned for tomorrow’s tune on “ToughContinue reading “Name that tune! Season 1, Episode 4 “Easy Monday””