Score Reading at the Piano – A Graduated Method with Suggested Resources 

Have you ever seen a conductor sit at the piano and play fluently off an open score?  It’s impressive, for sure, but wouldn’t it be invaluable for your own studying purposes to be able to do that too?

Some Thoughts on Recording Sessions

I had a great time putting this together – it’s good to be combining the role of performer, producer and engineer! I thought I’d share some ideas on recording that crossed my mind while preparing and putting this little example together: First thing first, preparation!!  I wasted my own recording time with some poor executionContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Recording Sessions”

Euphonium and the Modern Orchestra

I remember attending a lecture recital during my time at North Texas given by Jeff Cottrell where, among other topics, he discussed symphonic literature and recommended the use of the euphonium in place of older instruments like the ophicleide, serpent and cimbasso. I remember thinking, “Duh?!  Why wouldn’t a conductor choose to substitute these outdated instrumentsContinue reading “Euphonium and the Modern Orchestra”