Lifting University’s Leaders through Podcasting

As we observe International Podcast Day, In The Moment welcomes podcasters from Augustana University for a look at ways they leverage audio and embrace the podcasting revolution.

Peter Folliard, Director of Augustana Orchestras, Patrick Hicks, Augustana writer-in-residence, and Rev. Ann Rosendale, Augustana Campus Pastor, discuss their unique approach to podcasting.

Listen to their interview with Lori Walsh in In The Moment or dive into the podcasts below.

1. Introduction Calling All Years Good

Conversations with Campus Pastor Paul Rohde and Director of the Student Success Center Billie Streufert introduce the concept of vocation and what it means through the span of life.
  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Early Childhood: Baptism and Preschoolers
  3. 3. Early Childhood: Conversations about Teaching with Julie Ashworth
  4. 4. Adolescence: Nathan and Rose Andera
  5. 5. Young Adulthood: Sophomore Retreat

Poetry from Studio 47 – Episode 108 – Barton Sutter Poetry from Studio 47

American poet and essayist, Barton Sutter, and his poem, “Louise”
  1. Poetry from Studio 47 – Episode 108 – Barton Sutter
  2. Poetry from Studio 47 – Episode 107 – Tina Chang
  3. Poetry from Studio 47 – Episode 106 – Anne Pierson Wiese
  4. Poetry from Studio 47 – Episode 105 – John Engman