Podcasting During a Pandemic

These days, it seems like COVID-19 is all anyone is talking about. A local university is hoping that conversation can help people escape their feeling of isolation.

They record all episodes using ‘Zoom.’ They are collected in a new podcast series titled ‘Alone Together.’ While it’s Pastor Ann Rosendale’s voice you hear along with co-host Joel Gackle, the man behind the scenes, producer Peter Folliard, puts it all together.

Hear more about the podcast on this interview, or listen to the episodes below.

Dr. Corinne Ganske: Family Medicine Alone Together

Dr. Corinne Ganske, from the class of 1972, shares the impact of COVID-19 on her practice and her family. Music performed by the Augustana String Quartet from their album Happy Together, under the direction of Dr. Peter Folliard.
  1. Dr. Corinne Ganske: Family Medicine
  2. Ana Olivier: A Librarian's Perspective
  3. Manaal Ali and Najma Siyad
  4. Dr. Meredith Reynolds: Anatomic Pathology Resident
  5. Dr. Loren Koepsell – Augustana Professor of Business and Finance