Merry Christmas Eve!

This is a very unique gift from the Singing Sergeants.  Two of our newest members (Technical Sgts. Hannah Rigg and Daniel Anderson) improvised this arrangement of “O Holy Night” in a ‘pop’ style.  Our brilliant vocalist/pianist/assistant conductor (Technical Sgt. Taylor Armstrong) followed the vocalists’ lead and improvised his part to complement the phrasings and harmonizations of the soloists.  We hope you enjoy it!


…Pete tangent…rant alert!

We make an effort to appeal to everyone with our diverse musical selections.  When we look at reality-music television (The Voice, American Idol, etc.) there is an undeniable demand and appreciation for performers that can grab our attention and astound us with their talents.  While some may prefer a more ‘traditional’ approach to this Christmas classic, I encourage you to listen to this with an open mind, and that while this may be different, this is quite an exceptional performance.  By the way, these same musicians recorded classical music minutes prior to laying this down this track…I don’t know how many of today’s “born-in-one-season” pop stars can keep up with that…


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