Score Reading at the Piano – A Graduated Method with Suggested Resources 

Have you ever seen a conductor sit at the piano and play fluently off an open score?  It’s impressive, for sure, but wouldn’t it be invaluable for your own studying purposes to be able to do that too?

A guide to score preparation

One of the questions I asked most frequently in the beginning of my conducting study was, “How do I study a score?”  I never got a straight answer (because there isn’t one), and my question morphed into many more: What edition of the score should I buy? Is it OK to listen to recordings? HowContinue reading “A guide to score preparation”

Tips for Making a Great Conducting Video

Whether you’re applying for a conducting position with a professional ensemble, a graduate program or a summer festival you’re going to need to produce a high-quality video recording.  You can Google “how to make a good conducting video” but the results are…well, you know, not that helpful. Let’s start with the end goal:  You need 20-30 minutes ofContinue reading “Tips for Making a Great Conducting Video”

Pete’s DMA Lecture Recital

A milestone in the life of any DMA student – the lecture recital.  This combines everything I love about being a musician: engaging with great music, greater people, having the opportunity to teach and learn and using technology to bring it all together.

Pictures at an Exhibition – Admiring a Masterpiece from Multiple Angles

Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition (1874) for solo piano is widely known to audiences through Ravel’s orchestration, commissioned by Serge Koussevitzky in 1922. Ravel’s version is, however, only one of 38 published orchestrations for the symphony orchestra (and one of over 300 hundred arrangements for various ensembles). In a lecture recital I will discussContinue reading “Pictures at an Exhibition – Admiring a Masterpiece from Multiple Angles”

New Album released by Off Bass Brass – Tubacus Galacticus

My favorite part about being a musician is being surrounded by some of the most wonderful, creative and thoughtful people on the planet.  Tubacus Galacticus shatters the ‘norm’ of what one would expect from a tuba-euphonium quartet, and pushes the ceiling higher on what we can expect as chamber music moves forward in the 21st century. FromContinue reading “New Album released by Off Bass Brass – Tubacus Galacticus”