Cool Look Into Private Studios and Their Acoustic Designs/Solutions

So I’m in week 3 of my first round of courses with the Berklee College of Music and I’m learning some GREAT stuff that I wish was covered in a ‘classical’ music curriculum.  Well…maybe some of it was (North Texas’ required acoustics class :/ )  but I’m much more engaged and eager to learn about this now.

One of the courses I’m taking is called Critical Listening – a course I thought I surely did not need…WRONG!  In only its first few weeks we’ve discussed some very important aspects of the phenomenon of sound and how we perceive it.  The primary focus has been examining our own listening spaces and equipment and putting thought into making it an optimal studio environment.

Pete's Studio in Alexandria
Current studio setup ‘panoramic’ shot

This week we’re discussing acoustic solutions to adjust to our listening environment’s frequency inadequacies and there are lots of recommendations on what to do and where to purchase absorption/diffusive materials.

However, this link I found particularly interesting Studios of Pop Artists.  Check out the studios setups of artists like Jay-Z, Alicia Keys — pretty awesome.

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